CottonUp® use tips

CottonUp® cotton swabs have adequate flexibility and a high load of cotton, perfect for multiple uses at home and for personal care.

Personal care

CottonUp® is an excellent way to treat minor cuts and scrapes.

Soft and gentle with cuts and scrapes

CottonUp® swabs are soft and gentle enough to apply antiseptic or ointment to cuts and scrapes.

Cleaning your ears safely

To clean your ears, stroke CottonUp® swabs gently around the outer ear, without entering the ear canal.

Flawless hair removal

When using hair-removal wax, use a CottonUp® swab to gently apply the wax and ensure a precise application.

Ensure a long-lasting fragrance

To ensure a long-lasting fragrance, dip a CottonUp® swab into your favorite perfume and apply on skin, on the neck or behind the ears.

Close up shaving nicks

Use a dab of aftershave on the tip of a CottonUp® cotton swab to help a shaving nick to close up.


CottonUp® cotton swabs are ideal as a makeup tool, for retouching eyes, lips and cheeks. It is also suitable as a makeup remover in those hard to reach areas.

Disposable eye shadow brushes

CottonUp® cotton swabs are great for eye shadow application because they are disposable, so you can use a new one for each shadow color. No need to worry about washing brushes while layering color. They are a cleaner and practical alternative.

Apply fake lashes

Use CottonUp® swabs to help apply fake lashes. Start by applying a dab of lash adhesive to the tip. Keep the tip close to the lash line and use it to guide the application of the faux lash strip.

Control crazy eyebrows

Control unruly brows by applying a small amount of Vaseline® petroleum jelly using CottonUp® cotton swabs.

Master your lashes

Use the middle part of a CottonUp® cotton swab to curl your lashes after applying your mascara, while the lash is still a little wet.

Define your eyes

Use a CottonUp® swab to shadow your eyelid along the "outer V". You'll increase the dimension of your look and create the illusion of a larger eye.

Arts & Crafts

CottonUp® swabs are very usefull for applying on diverse arts and crafts. Whether as a retouching tool in art or to develop artistic skills in small kids in a simple and pleasant way.

Paintbrushes for small hands

CottonUp® cotton swabs are the perfect-sized paintbrushes for children's small hands. For the brightest pictures and the easiest clean-up, use a different one for every color.

Remove dirt and grime easily

Remove the grime from hard-to-reach places on model train gearboxes, drive axles and bearings with CottonUp® cotton swabs.

Extra glue for arts & crafts

CottonUp® cotton swabs are great for applying glue to models and arts and crafts projects. Use one tip to apply the glue and the other to remove any excess before it dries.

Precision tools for pottery

Carving designs into pottery is made simple with CottonUp® cotton swabs. Use these precision tools to put the finishing touches on sculptures.

Easy touch-ups with fresh paint

CottonUp® cotton swabs are the perfect tool to touch-up hard-to-reach areas on freshly painted model airplanes and cars, dollhouses and even architecture models.


CottonUp® cotton swabs are perfect to get to the last detail in cleaning delicate devices such as computers, machines photos, dashboards, or reach those hard to reach places.

Keep your devices spotless

Keep your home office in good condition. Use a moist CottonUp® swab to clean the edges of the computer screen or your TV set and between the keys on your keyboard.

Hard to reach places

Dirt, dust, leaves and food particles can get stuck in the tracks and grooves of your sliding glass doors. CottonUp® cotton swabs are the perfect size to get into these hard to reach places and remove unwanted buildup.

Decoration as new

Remove dust from picture frames, scroll work and statues with a CottonUp® cotton swab.

Dust, grease, and grime

CottonUp® swabs are the perfect size for expertly cleaning tiny spaces. Let no speck of dust, grease, or grime go unnoticed with the useful tips for precision cleaners.

Keeping window sills clean

Dirt and dust can accumulate quickly in the corners of windows and window sills. CottonUp® cotton swabs are small enough to get into these cracks and crevices and remove unwanted buildup.